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What is static guarding?

Static Guarding is the term for security manpower. This may involve personnel on access points, or guarding equipment or valuables, crowd control, scene securing, or personal protection, essentially anything requiring a person. Despite the title of Static Guarding static guards are far from stationary. A vital part of their duties is to conduct regular and thorough security patrols. One of the popular misconceptions for the public is that our security officers patrol to catch intruders.

Our static guarding

At first response protection services our static security guards cover a variety of jobs in the security industry ranging from retail, construction site, gatehouse, CCTV operations and many more. We prioritise the safety of our clients also the public so we ensure that our staff are vigilant and alert at all times and are fully trained and qualified for the right job.

We understand if you want to run a successful business or event then you need a secure and safe environment. In today’s day and age we all know the dangers and risks with businesses involved with the public. The threat of a break-in, vandalism, theft and danger to your personnel is never out of the question. Which is why First response protection services are here to step in to ensure you can continue your day to day necessities. It is our job and are qualified for these specific reasons so that you run your business without any worries or doubts in your safety or your assets.

Choosing first response protection services as your provider not only guarantees you static security guards that are highly trained but also courteous, courageous and efficient too. This ensures that you’ve an individual who has excellent customer service skills also is capable of handling a situation not just preventing it from happening.

Speedy responses to any situation and managing it in an effective manner our guards will put your mind at ease safe in the knowledge that you’re working or even entertaining venue is an environment everyone will feel at ease.

So if you’re looking for static security services then put your trust in a security company you know you can.