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What is Residential Security?

Residential security, also known as home protection, estate protection or estate security, safeguards people and their properties from invasions of privacy, intruders and other crimes, threats and disturbances.

At FRP Services we have found a gap in the market and tailored a service to ensure our customers property is safe when there are on holiday or away from their home to ensure that they have enjoy their time without any worries.

Why do we provide this service?

There are some issues that your alarm system just can’t handle such as:

  • Windows left open after you leave.
  • Boiler breaks down or burst pipes, due to a cold snap of weather.
  • Freezer or fridge breaks down.
  • Pool leaks
  • The thought of doing the shopping after a long trip.
  • An opportunist knowing you are away as your post is piling up.

The list can go on and on…

Our Residential Security Services

Our security vetted professional will ensure your premises is secure and occupied, this will reduce home insurance and also this will ensure home safety for fires, i.ie electric left on, complete weekly checks and carry out water testing to ensure ligament at taps.

Residential security can be tailored to your needs, where this may include our patrol officers complete hourly checks at the property, or having an officer present at your home 24hours a day.

Although security systems such as alarms and cameras can detect and deter an intruder this does not prevent them from entering or damaging the property. This is why we feel it is very important to have physical safety precaution. Our officers would be there first hand to prevent and deal with any incidents which could take place while the occupants are away.