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What is the purpose of Close Protection?

Close Protection is a security service aimed at primarily the protection of an individual or group for known or unknown threats. Close Protection is carried out by highly skilled and certified individuals known as bodyguards. Close protection services may be required for a number of well-known clients such as the likes of high profile professionals such as government personnel, celebrities or Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals.

Generally she skills that a professional bodyguard have acquired would include the   possession of driving license including advance training, first aid and a broad knowledge of security related issues and threats, they may also have training in firearms and be licensed to carry firearms as part of their Close Protection duties depending on the requirement of the task in hand if necessary, and legally permitted.

Our Close Protection Services

First Response Protection Services Provide Close Protection Services, Door Supervisors and Security consultancy ensuring a quality service. First Response Protection Services only recruit the very best operatives and all our staff are experienced, boasting a range of diverse skill levels including but not limited to; ex-military, police, close protection guard and special-forces. Exercising the highest level of professionalism, vigilance and due diligence. Our operatives are trained to be covert deploying effective protection solutions to our clients.

We provide Bodyguard Services, Close Protection Services, Residential Security, Asset and High Value Goods Protection, full close protection teams for families and businesses Executive Protection, Child Protection, Private Security, Chauffeur / Security Driver to protect celebrities to high profile personnel and any vulnerable persons.

We fully understand the problems being faced and how to solve them, each Close Protection package is tailored and unique to an individual threat assessment and all our close protection teams are SIA (Security Industry Authority) licensed and hold medical qualifications our staff are highly qualified and experienced, which enables us to respond quickly and efficiently our services are bespoke to your requirements.

We can provide female operatives to suit any family needs and/or situations where the client has specifically requested a female close protection operative. Protecting your family or your material goods is something that is worth investing.

Your safety is something that we owe to our security services.