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What is Canine security?

Canine (K9) security is a highly trained unit featuring security dogs who specialise in drugs and explosive detection, as well as protection and general-purpose dogs. Dog teams are trained by former police dog handlers with experience in all aspects of detection and protection training.

Our Canine security

First response protection services has a team of qualified dog handlers with highly trained protection dogs, all compliant with the appropriate associations such as NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Users. Deploying a dog handler offers a cost-effective alternative to deploying multiple security personnel, as the skilled dogs are effective at searching and patrolling large areas, and also act as a visual deterrent.

Benefits of deploying a Canine unit:

  • Dogs sense of smell and sight is up to 40 times greater than that of a human – they are likely to detect an intruder much earlier and alert their handler.
  • A canine unit can thoroughly search vast areas effectively in a short space of time due to their sharpened senses compared to humans
  • More effective deterrent compared to a lone security operative
  • A dog’s bark can reach around 100 decibels (comparable to aircraft engine), this can be effective at deterring or even preventing disorder/crime